IMVA Industrial Doors: production of industrial doors

Motorized doors, folding, pack doors. High-speed pack, rolling and self-repairing doors. Insulated doors for large dimensions. Our experience summarized in this photo gallery.

Designing, manufacturing, selling, installing and assisting technical doors for any industry requires technical-design analysis skills and flexibility in adapting production to the customer's needs. In a nutshell, specific competence.

Here you can see an overview of some of our achievements of recent years. For other installations around the world see  REFERENCES ››


AR300 - Porta rapida ad avvolgimento autoriparante per interni - Self-repairing door

AR400WR - Porta rapida Classe 5 per resistenza al carico del vento

AR600 - Porta rapida ad avvolgimento autoriparante - Self-repairing door

AV600 - Porta rapida ad avvolgimento - Rolling door

DUO - Porta rapida e portone a libro; una sola soluzione - Combined doors

EXIT - Porta a battente - Hinged door

FLUX - Portone scorrevole a effetto libro - Sliding-turning door

FOOD - Porte rapide per industria alimentare - Rapid door for food industry

IM900 - Porta rapida ad impacchettamento - Fold-up pack door

ISOMAX - Chiusure industriali e risparmio energetico - Industrial doors and energy savings

LIBER - Portone a libro senza guida inferiore - Folding door without lower rail

LIBRUM - Portone a libro con guida inferiore - Folding door with lower rail

LOGISTIK - Sezionali, serrande, rampe di carico e porte REI - Sectional doors, rolling shutters, loading ramps and REI doors

RECYCLING - Porte rapide per centri di riciclo rifiuti - Doors for recycling and waste treatment facilities

SMART - Portone a libro senza guida inferiore e montanti laterali - Folding door without lower rail, fixings on the floor and to the top rail

VERTIGO - Portone ad impacco verticale superiore - Vertical folding door

VITRUM - Portone vetrato (simile a modelli LIBER e FLUX) - Glazed door (similar to LIBER and FLUX models)


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