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Industrial technical doors, insulation and energy saving

Create insulating barriers between departments to maintain internal temperatures. Reduce heat exchange with the outside. Protect from intrusion and weather.

These are the main characteristics of an industrial technical door that must reduce energy expenditure, therefore enhancing the building as well.

Choosing the right door for your needs can be useful to the business economy because over time it turns into energy savings, therefore economic savings. The insulated panels used for the manufacture of our models are configured as monolithic or mono-structural self-supporting structures of variable thickness with polyurethane foam core that creates a primary insulation.

The manufacturing system of the panels consisting of 2 sheets of sheet metal anchored to a dovetail shaped profile in galvanized steel, therefore resistant to corrosion, inside which a self-exhausting foam is injected at high pressure, an inert material, which is free from harmful effects on humans.

Depending on the door model to be manufactured and the dimensions, the total panel thickness can be 55, 65, 80 and 120 mm.


Altzza e sezioni pannelli per chiusure industriali IMVA


Polyurethane is resistant to low and high temperatures and is widely used in industrial refrigeration and nautical sectors, as an insulator for pipes. It has excellent compression resistance characteristics and can be firmly anchored to the structures to which it is matched. 

Thermal conductivity:
with a value between 0.026 and 0, 031 W/m²K, polyurethane is the material that guarantees the best thermal insulation performance 

Life span:
being an inert material, the life span of polyurethane is over 100 years 

a very low density, between 30 and 70 Kg/m³ make it the absolute favourite over other insulating materials 

the expanded polyurethane resists most chemical substances, does not favour the creation of mould or condensation inside the structure, thus adapting to any environmental condition and climate zone.


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