CUSTOM-MADE technical, insulated and high-speed doors

The Industrial Door solutions by IMVA Industrial Doors are custom-made solutions based on the needs and requirements of the customer.

CUSTOMIZED manufacturing of an industrial technical closure means knowing how to adapt the products to the needs of the customer after a careful analysis of the environmental characteristics, the sector, the place of installation, the type of vehicles, aircraft or means of transport that must cross the doorway, even in function of the frequency of opening/closing.

Knowing how to recommend the type of industrial closure, door, high-speed door, the most suitable material and technical characteristics, is a task that requires specific experience and flexibility in quickly adapting products and production processes.

Skill and a collaborative spirit that is in the natural DNA of IMVA Industrial Doors because we are aware that professionalism also takes into account a flexible approach to the market.

Among the CUSTOM-MADE doors available

SUPERTHERMIC industrial door line:

  • insulated sliding doors with or without lower rail (FLUX)
  • insulated folding doors with or without lower rail (LIBER, SMART, LIBRUM)
  • insulated vertical folding doors (VERTIGO)
  • insulated doors with thermal break (ISOMAX)

VITRUM industrial door line :

  • framed glass doors

BIG SIZE industrial door line :

  • insulated sliding doors with lengths up to and over 50 meters and heights up to 12.5 meters

RAPIDLINE high-speed door line:

  • fold-up pack door (IM900)
  • rolling door (AV600, AR400WR)
  • self-repairing door (AR600, AR300)
  • combined doors (DUO); AR600 high-speed door + LIBER folding door


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