Today leader in technical doors. Once a metal carpentry workshop

IMVA Industrial Doors, a company founded in 1973, but with ancient origins in a territory where industriousness and entrepreneurship are in the DNA of its people.

The history of IMVA is linked to an ancient family tradition that has now reached the fifth generation. It originates back from Mario Tinti, born in 1877, Renzo Tinti, born in 1900, Imes Tinti, born in 1924, wrought iron craftsmen. In 1973 Imes Tinti founded IMVA, leading his son Vanni into the company, a young technician who in 1999 began the mass production of industrial doors thanks to his great experience in the construction of metallic carpentry

An intuition that in less than 20 years has transformed the company into the reality that it is today, a modern industry producing technical doors for quality industrial use that in recent years has managed to gain market shares even abroad.

Technological evolution, industrialization, strong drive to the production of large volumes, flexibility in providing customized solutions, but also a strong devotion to the solid traditions and craftsmanship of the product and to the customer, seen as an essential value for smart and long-lasting growth..

Today Vanni Tinti is President of IMVA Industrial Doors and Honorary President of the ACMI Association (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Doors and Mechanisms).

His son Matteo Tinti, Customer care manager at IMVA Industrial Doors, is a member of ACMI Technical/Regulatory Committee (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Doors and Mechanisms).

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