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In order to produce standard-sized industrial doors and large or very large folding and sliding doors, it is necessary to continuously invest in research and development and develop appropriate technical and structural calculations to meet every need.

Engineers and designers backed by a long experience in the company take up the challenge every day to find the most suitable closing solutions according to the characteristics required by customers. The ultimate goal: to guarantee the execution of installations that are always perfect from the early stages but above all safe and functional in all conditions.

The experience of more than 40 years of activity pushes us further, in search of solutions capable of further expanding the construction possibilities to meet new market needs.

We have recently studied a new production line capable of manufacturing self-supporting insulated panels of 12.5 meters in height by 120 mm thick in a single solution. This production technique opens up new perspectives which, we are sure, will be appreciated by professionals and designers. ( see BIG SIZE doors ›› )

Technological and process evolution, production capacity, experience and specific expertise must grow hand in hand with efficiency and quality of the products.
This is the task of our Engineering department.


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