Folding and sliding insulated industrial doors, hangar doors, high-speed, self-repairing, pack and rolling doors

For the production of our technical doors, we use advanced production facilities, quality raw materials, professionally trained and skilled personnel.

Three adjoining production facilities of a total of 9000 m² covered, automated plants, great skill of our operators, but above all consolidated technical expertise in the field of industrial doors of all sizes and types recognized internationally. With more than 50 years of production experience and a well-established supply chain in a territory of great mechanical and motor culture, we can guarantee the supply of certified automated solutions of high-quality standards without size limitation.

In a globalized market, organization, production efficiency, quality and product safety have become indispensable standards to compete.  In IMVA Industrial Doors we add to all this the application of exclusive patents.

IMVA Industrial Doors is part of the ACMI Association (Italian Closures and Mechanisms Association) and has contributed to the study of the qualifications necessary for the production and marketing of technical products, the adaptation of laws and regulations, in particular, referring to safety as a fundamental requirement for technical doors.

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