High-speed fold-up pack door - IM 900

High-speed door developed for outdoor applications even on large openings

IM900 is a high-speed door particularly suitable for closing large industrial passages where opening/closing speed, durability and life cycle are essential characteristics. Technically refined door which is of great manufacturing quality.


Minimum dimensions:  W 2000 x H 2000 mm 

Maximum dimensions:  W 9000 x H 6000 mm


Dimensioni massime IM900 IMVA RAPIDLINE

Application:  internal/external

Opening speed:  0,7 m/sec

Standard metal structure: 
self-supporting in sheet steel 1.8 mm pre-painted white RAL 9002. Optional: RAL painted or 304 or 316 stainless steel

Curtain or cover:  Tear-resistant, PVC, warped in double weft 900 g/m². Section height from approx. 500 to 650 mm. At eye level, one row of transparent heat-sealed inspection windows.


  • 4/5 mm thick fire retardant Class 2 insulated fabric made of PVC. Weight 1400 g/ m²
  • double weft PVC fabric, weight 580g / m², self-extinguishing Class 1

Special curtain anchoring system with dedicated hooks in the top cross-member that allow for a perfect installation/adjustment of the same.

Tear resistance:  500 N

Tensile strength:  4000 N

Wind resistance: certified Class 2 (45 Kg/ m²)

Stiffening pipes: made of galvanized steel with high yield strength to withstand high pressures. . 

Lifting belts: certified up to 2000 Kg  

Roller shaft:  diameter 90 mm supported by ball bearings

Side gaskets: in yellow PVC inserted in the jambs to facilitate curtain sliding and the insertion of cables for the installation of photocells or infra-red safety light curtain

Drive unit:  three-phase motor 400 V-50 Hz with electric brake suitable for intensive use. Mechanical or digital limit switch (depending on the dimensions) incorporated into the gear unit, easy to inspect/adjustable. Thermal circuit breaker for protection against voltage surges. 
Gear reducer:  with long-life lubrication and maintenance-free. Fitted directly on the roller shaft or driven by a transmission chain. 

Emergency procedure:  release rod for manual opening of the curtain in case of power failure. When the rod is engaged, a safety micro-switch automatically cuts off power to the motor.

Please note: for high-speed doors over 20 m², we recommend the use of the automatic counterweight opening system.

CE UNI EN 13241-1 marking data: 
 - Operating speed - up to 0.7 m/sec
- Operating temperature -20°C, + 50°C
- Wind load resistance with door closed - Class 2 (Class 3 or 4 on request)

Control panel:  with 400V power supply and 24V low voltage auxiliary circuits with external display.
IP55 protection rating

Push-button panel:   membrane push-button panel with “Opening — Closing — Pedestrian” button (partial opening) and EMERGENCY stop mushroom-shaped push-button. Pre-wired electrical system: 400/24V separate voltage lines (as required by regulatory standards); photocells/safety light curtain, flashing light, electric brake, limit switch and motor are already connected to the junction box fitted with cables prepared for connection to the control panel.

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Colours available:  

IMVA porte rapide colori

The curtain may slightly differ from the corresponding RAL paint 

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