Sliding door - FLUX STANDARD

FLUX is an industrial sliding door for small, medium or large dimensions with unilateral or bilateral opening with a manual or chain-driven motorized drive.    

Sliding industrial door, characterized by great dimensional flexibility and an exclusive construction and assembly system that makes it suitable for any type of industrial sector even in the presence of large passages and with different storage needs. 

NOTE: the SUPERTHERMIC FLUX industrial door is also available in the evolved ISOMAX thermal break version with height limitations  ( see ›› )

It can be supplied in 3 versions:

- top hung sliding door, with bottom rail recessed into the floor in which guide rollers slide
- top hung sliding door, without floor rail but with intermediate nylon holders to be fixed to the floor
- ground supported sliding door, with top rail equipped with anti-derailment system and doors resting on wheels with “U” groove sliding on lower rail recessed into the floor

Door leaves: self-supporting mono-structures (variable dimensions - Max height 10000 mm)

Door leaf thickness: 

- 55 mm by 6000 mm in height
- 65 mm by 8000 mm in height
- 80 mm by 10000 mm in height

- 120 mm by 12500 mm in height

Door leaf thickness FLUX portoni industriali coibentati

Door leaf width:  1200/1450 mm  max

Door leaf height:  6000/8000/10000 mm

Door leaf joints: with black-painted hinges fixed to the load-bearing structure by means of contrasting plates perfectly concealed by the gaskets. This gives the door a particular "folding effect" that allows a perfect aesthetic combination of different door concepts in the same building.

Maximum height: in the catalogue 6,000 mm. Possibility of non-standard longer heights on request.

Lunghezza massima: in the catalogue 8,700 mm (6 leaves). Possibility of non-standard longer lengths on request.


Leaf configuration: 

Unilateral or bilateral linear sliding on a single rail (FLUX STANDARD)

Insulation: complete self-extinguishing Class B2 CFC-free (Chlorine, Fluoride, Carbides) polyurethane insulation. High-pressure foaming cycle with minimum density > 40 Kg/m3

Perimeter frame: dovetail shaped profile, 2 mm thick

Double skin coating of galvanized pre-painted steel sheet with Sendzimir treatment:

- smooth, thickness 0,8+0,8 mm
- embossed, thickness 0,5+0,5 mm

Air/water tightness:

- Black EPDM anti-ageing gaskets between panels
- Black EPDM anti-ageing gaskets and nylon brush between panels and upper lintel.
- Easy-to-replace nylon brush, with aluminium support profile between panels and side wall
- Black nylon brush, with black pre-coated aluminium support profile on the floor

- Manual
- Motorized

Sliding system by means of a top rail in very thick galvanised steel with fixing and adjustment slots, to be anchored to the wall by means of dowels (not included); and adjustable roller trolleys

CE marking data:

- wind load resistance, class 4
- thermal resistance,  1.53 W/m² K (calculated value for a 4-leaf door 5000x5000)
- average noise reduction, 22 dB (non-certifiable)
- fire resistance, B -S1, d0
- durability 20,000 cycles

- pedestrian swing door
- inspection window with perimeter profile in rubber with insertion of 8/9 laminated glass with rounded corners
- inspection window with perimeter profile in black aluminium with thermal break with 90° corners and insertion of double-glazed or laminated glass up to a maximum thickness of 40 mm
- ventilation grille with fixed slats.Dimensions 600 x 300 H or 1000 x 600 H


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- inner or outer face fixed assembly with sliding rails fixed to the floor
- internal or external surface mounted with rails fixed to the floor
- inner or outer face fixed assembly with without rails fixed to the floor

Staved panel (vertical ribs, 160 mm pitch)
- Smooth sheet metal: white RAL 9002, grey RAL 9006, green RAL 6005, blue RAL 5010, red RAL 3000, brown RAL 8019, grey RAL 7016, wood tone SL65
- Embossed sheet metal: white RAL 9002, grey RAL 9006, green RAL 6005.

Painting in the other RAL colours available on request

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