Vertical folding door - VERTIGO

VERTIGO, motorized industrial door with reduced sideroom. Patented.    

Motorized industrial door of great technical value, which is characterized by a series of advantages that make it ideal for applications on passages with space problems. An exclusive patented opening system reduces the sideroom  required, maximizing the installation space. It consists of 4 mono-structural and self-supporting door leaves hinged together that by means of a chain drive are packed in the upper part of the passage. The fixing structure is designed to easily allow all the adjustments necessary for perfect alignment and adaptation of the door to the passage to be closed

NOTE: the SUPERTHERMIC VERTIGO industrial door is also available in the evolved ISOMAX thermal break version with width limitations  ( see ›› )

Main technical data:

Power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz
Motor: 2800 or 2830 rpm.
Power: 750 (up to 20 mof door surface) or 1500 W (over 20 m² of door surface)
Absorption: 1.3 or 3.2 A depending on the type of motor
Shaft rotation speed: 11 rpm
Protection: IP54

Door leaves: self-supporting mono-structures (variable dimensions)

Door leaf thickness: 55 mm

Door leaf thickness VERTIGO portoni industriali coibentati

Height of the single door leaves: 1200 mm  max

Maximum door leaf length: 6000 mm  

Configuration: 4 door leaves

Maximum and minimum dimensions of the passage to be closed: 6000 x 5000 H. Wall opening minimum height  2700 mm  


Air/water tightness:

- Black EPDM anti-crush/anti-ageing gaskets between panels
- Black EPDM anti-ageing gasket between the door panels, upper lintel and lateral shoulders
- Black EPDM anti-crush/anti-ageing gaskets on the floor


complete self-extinguishing Class B2 CFC-free (Chlorine, Fluoride, Carbides) polyurethane insulation. High-pressure foaming cycle with minimum density > 40 Kg/m3

Perimeter frame: dovetail shaped profile, thickness 2 mm

Double skin coating of galvanized pre-painted steel sheet with Sendzimir treatment
with horizontal staves, pitch 160 mm
- smooth, thickness 0.8 + 0.8 mm
- embossed, thickness 0.5 + 0.5 mm

Fixing system: 

lateral guides made of silver anodised aluminium profile, fitted with slotted brackets which allow maximum adjustment on 2 axes, to be fixed on the wall by means of bolts  

Movement system: 

using chains inserted inside the lateral guides. Electromechanical three-phase motor positioned at the side of the door pack with limit switch and integrated fall arrest device, emergency release and manual operation. The fall-arrest system in the event of chain breakage uses 2 parachutes with pincers that act on the lateral guides.

- control unit with low voltage controls and built-in push-button panel, Deadman logic
- with Automatic movement (optional)

CE marking data:

- wind load resistance, class 4 (Kg 100/m², approx. 140 Km/hr)
- thermal resistance, 1.53 W/m² K (calculated value for a 4-leaf door 5000x5000 mm)
- average noise reduction, 22 dB (non-certifiable)
- fire resistance, B -S1, d0
- durability 20,000 cycles


- pedestrian door with lower threshold H 120 mm  (max passage 100 W x 2100 H): only possible on doors with a height over 4200 mm; black aluminium frame which cannot be painted (on request). The pedestrian door is made on the 2 lower panels and located in the central or decentralized part (as long as a distance of 800 mm is maintained from the side edge. Door with lower threshold reduced to 30 mm on request.

- inspection window with perimeter profile in black aluminium with 90° corners and insertion of double glazed or laminated glass up to a maximum thickness of 40 mm. Minimum distance between the inspection windows, 500 mm

- ventilation grille with fixed slats. Dimensions 600 x 300 H or 1000 x 600 H

Closing by one point lock with cylinder and black handles. 

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- internal 
- external 
- in-wall 


Staved panel (horizontal ribs, 160 mm pitch)
- Smooth metal sheet: white RAL 9002, grey RAL 9006, green RAL 6005, blue RAL 5010, red RAL 3000, brown RAL 8019, grey RAL 7016.  Wood tone SL 65
- Embossed sheet metal: white RAL 9002, grey RAL 9006, green RAL 6005


Attention/technical note Warning/technical note: the choice of dark colours may give rise to a considerable temperature difference between inside/outside (on the side exposed to the sun) even of more than 40°/45°C. This could cause the deformation of the door, which in case of prolonged sun exposure may lead to the detachment of the steel sheet from the insulating material. This is due to the physical-mechanical expansion and not to production defects. Therefore, the use of dark colours is not recommended in particularly hot and sunny climatic areas.

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